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Just a few words about people sleeping at the beach


kleinerstrandschlaefer.jpgThere were those who rented a room or, in most cases, a bed, and slept on the beach because it simply was beautiful. The people living on the beach divided in to two categories. Those ones who were throwing their garbage around like hell and those ones who cleaned up the beach every day or helped the man with the huge army-boots (Georgi) to do this. The girl who is now my wife belonged to the second category. Later, when the police started busting people, they were right I think. Too many People living on the beach didn't know how to deal with hippie-freedom in a foreign country and didn't care about the local law. And nobody likes stealers and spongers. Those ones who had a good reputation because they behaved and clothed OK didn't have any problems, except when they were hanging around with the wrong people. For example, my passport was always in Tasoulas kitchen. No one busted me because I couldn't hand it over. I'd love to talk to the huge policeman with the dark sunglasses about those old times, but I didn't see him the last two years. Hope he is still alive.



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