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haris-house.jpgharis-room.jpgAnother nice location in the old part of the town is the "Water's Edge Cafe", also a good combination of living ("Haris Studios") and enjoying. The house is situated in a quiet area direct to the sea and is directed by Haris and Flora, two very friendly persons. They offer some nice rooms and apartments with sea view and daily cleaning. At this point I can't tell anything about the past because for me the place is still relatively new. As we normally need several years until we enter a new location in Paleochora, we came late but we did. This year we visited the "Water's Edge Cafe" for the first time and it was worth it. They are offering a huge amount of food and beverages, lovingly prepared. After a breakfast in this place you can hardly walk, nothing for a small stomach and it tastes really fine. They also offer a variety of British food . Flora actually comes from Scotland.

As I used to travel to Scotland before I discovered Crete, I think I will be seen there more often in the future, having some beans on toast or so and a good cup of tea.

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