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Paleochora 2003, the last few days before starting again.

Wednesday, 16.07.2003

Sitting in front of the "Galileo" in Bremen and it's starting again that parallel-world, Paleochora-Virus- I don't know- thing.

What we see is: Vangelis' daughter Maria in a slim version and that lady from the restaurant "Knossos" in her original clothing.

Thursday, 17.07.2003

Again in front of the "Galileo" having a beer.

People passing are: Zacharias, the pharmacist, again Vangelis' Maria (slim).

Increase: The retired postman of the old days on a bike.

Absolute climax later: Schleicher (Georgios) in definitely original clothing and very his special way of moving on Stader Strasse in Bremen. This was the hammer, his trousers and his shirt were really original.

Only God or, maybe Devil, knows where from all these people use to appear suddenly. You won't see them here all year long, only a week or two before getting to Paleochora the scene is changing.

Friday, 18.07.2003

Again in front of the "Galileo". Bought everything necessary for a four week holiday. Thursty. Becks.

Guess who is passing again? Vangelis' Maria. Looks at me smiling. Parallel world or what? Maybe I missed a chance ;-).

A strange lady with bad teeth sits down at my table, muttering something about anarchy. Didn't understand too much, wasn't keen on doing so. She left after 5 minutes with my cigarettes. Anyway this could have happened in Paleochora 20 years ago, but with better teeth. I didn't miss a chance ;-)))))

The end of a working year, 5 beers (kind of fast), to get a lot of sleep before the big packing.

Saturday, 19.07.2003

Guitarcase checked, rucksack checked. Everything's ready to board a plane. Except...

Yes, the Bungee-Ball. Man, suddenly a very mean problem. The youngest one (12) needs a Bungee-Ball. For the beach, which in high season is buried under children, he needs a loner-toy. Mother's in stress, Bungee- Balls are sold out everywhere (or maybe nobody needs them). Maybe many people are afraid to be on a beach, all alone with nothing to do, needing a Bungee-Ball. I'm glad I don't have one, would be kind of strange being hit all night long while trying to sleep.

Strange on the other hand, as long as you can find lots of shops in Paleochora that open every year on different locations and offer tons of plastic toys ( that are useless compared to sand, stones and sticks) to children (and their mothers).


Sunday, 20.07.2003

Nothing new so far. Vorabend-Check-In, then "Galileo" and a huge portion of Chili. Good base for the flight next morning.


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