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Paleochora 2003, Day Of Arrival.

Monday, 21.07.2003

Getting out of bed at 3:00am (Holidays??...). Had been raining all night, so my antique sunhat I washed yesterday for a nice long walk under the Cretan sun, and which hung in the garden to dry, is wet. Ok, throw it away...

Taxi to the airport. Our youngest one, supported by the driver, talks and talks and makes me dizzy. It's the same every year, Not that big problem, but at this time of the day......

Next step: Safety control while checking in. Nailfiles pass, CDs sharp as a knife. Even bottles. But one thing they have to confiscate, maybe because they need it. My last, precious roll of Gaffa-Tape, which the oldest son put into the handluggage because you always have to fix something on Crete. 

Waiting, waiting, waiting, then finally up into the sky..

Later inside the airplane, it turns out that one toilet door is damaged and keeps on opening again and again. The flight attendants try to fix it, but without success. Now they could well use my tape ..... themselves to blame.

Nice flight, but the landing makes me brood a bit. Bad wind from the side, the plane goes down just in front of the cliff at the beginning of the runway, the Captain has to pull up, then comes back down a bit late, happily heading for the town center of Iraklio. In the end the brakes work fine. Hapag Lloyd pilots always were my favourite ones.

The food on board was not so nice. But....we were there.


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