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Bus 1972 by WKistlerI found a bus standing in front of a vegetable shop and the driver had a lot of time. He wanted to drive with as many people as possible. I had to wait for about 3 hours, enough time to eat a  3-kilo-melon. Finally the bus was full and ready to move. But first everyone had to put his luggage on top of the bus and fix it. After that we started our ride direction Paleochora.

palaiohorabus.jpg There he was, the bus which became famous enough to sell him as a postcard. Mercedes, built in 1956 (3 three years younger than me), constantly running all those years. If someone would have told me at that time that I would once be working with this company, I would have been really astonished.

The ride went off Chania direction Maleme. In Tavronitis at the melon shop we turned left to cross the mountains. I sat beside a small old man from Paleochora, who kept on telling me, his "Sante"-Cigarettes, which were still called Zigara then, were more healthful than my "Dunhill" I bought on the ship. He believed it because they were named "Sante". So we went on smoking "Sante" and tried to keep a conversation alive, while the old women were busy sniffing  Basiliko and throwing filled spit-bags out of the window which often tried to get back in at the rear end of the bus. 



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