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paleparkplatz.jpgbusverkehr.jpgDepending on the huge amount of private cars and rented cars, today the bus traffic is low like in the old years, as you can see on the right photo. The "Underwater-Bus" from Chania to Pireus sure is a matter of taste. The new "Underwater-parking lot" (left photo) too I think.


lochschild.jpg The ride lasted about 4 hours, we drove through a landscape  of unbelievable beauty and strength and on the old road most of the time in serpentines. Partially the road was only 2 meters wide, the rest had slipped down into the gorge. Vehicles from the opposite direction had to drive backwards to let the bus pass by. Before each curve the bus honked really loud, so drivers from the opposite direction could look for shelter in time. A meeting in the curve could have been fatal. But fortunately there were no other vehicles at that time, except the bus to Chania. My old man couldn't keep from telling me that last winter a bus had fallen down into a gorge. That was the moment when I felt the melon move for a second. But we finally arrived safely. The bus was parked at the old bus station (today "Agios") on the central crossroad opposite to "Schleicher" and we got off.



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