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The "living-room"


almyridaeingang.jpgalmyridaterasse.jpg"Cafe Almyrida". Once situated directly by the sea, now there's a new road between the house and the sea. Better or not? I think better. Traffic can now go around the village not through it and the shit, which was flooding into the sea next to the house, can now be pumped further out. We even can go for a swim there next year (Thanks to the mayor and the others working on it). Maybe now it's not as quiet as it was before, but much quieter than a sandy beach full of children in the high season. A lovingly directed Kafenio. Enter Katharinas' and Stelios' "Cafe Almyrida" and everything will work out fine. Have a look at Gavdos, I already told you about Stelios' fried eggs, and as others wrote before , it's a place to rest. Here it's easy to talk to other people or, if you like to, say nothing to anyone of the other "insiders" around. Just let those positive vibrations flow and talk some hours later. No one will get you wrong.  

salat.jpgThe meals Stelios and Katharina are serving are more traditional, very healthy and worth their price too (except the the numerous variations of Müsli which taste fine, but I never in my life believed that this kind of food can be healthy). But If you have a big salad (for Stelios the one on the left photo would be a half one) made by Stelios in the evening, with a lot of his own oil and fresh bread, you won't have to visit any other restaurant and can turn over to the drinks being offered on the main street immediately. 20 years ago Stelios used to serve fresh fried fishes which tasted delicious. But unfortunately nowadays you have to be some kind of god to get fresh fishes and have Kafenion at the same time. 25 years of tourism have left their tracks but very few fish.





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