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The first home


After getting the luggage down from the bus I had to walk between "Schleicher" and the old vegetable-shop direction sandy beach. Sand, sand nothing but sand and a few small tamarisks. At the sandy beach I had to turn left to get to the house of Tasoula and Petros Konstantoudakis "Pahia Ammos". There I was welcomed with a huge glass of thick, home made Lemonade, I think because I looked quite young then. I gave my papers and my money to Tasoula, those things were always stored well in her kitchen. I got my room respectively bed, put down guitar and backpack and got out again for a first walk.



I always rented a room or a bed, although I used to sleep at the beach. It was much nicer to sleep under the starlit sky and listen to the wind and the waves, than to sleep in a room. At least until Tasoulas chickens, which were still running free at that time because there was no road, woke you up early in the morning. In my special "anti-sandstorm"-sleepingbag-construction this was very cosy too.


strandalt.jpgstrandneu.jpgI went down to the beach. What a wonderful scenery. Only 10 - 20 folks on the beach and a small blue boat, the bay where you could see Kounduras , on the left side the castle-mountain which wasn't injured until then, on the right side the old mountain with no houses and now antennas. I never forgot this picture. Since then I lived there every year and Tasoula and Petros and their family-members are like relatives for me and my family.


zurueckvomstrand.jpgadrian-fahrrad.jpgLater, when the scene at the sandy beach got more restless, road-construction, hotel-construction and an increasing  number of tourists kept us from sleeping until noon or having a siesta( picture above right), we didn't manage to move anywhere else. Once we tried to, but the action was stopped by an enormous flood of tears of the females (Greek, Australian and German). Even the last hotel put up, which closed our windows to the north forever, couldn't make us leave. This year (2002) some kind of accident while renting our flat gave us the chance to move to the old town and find a place more quiet. The familiar relationship to the Konstantoudakis family goes on.  Unfortunately we lost someone this summer.


All the best for your long ride Georgio, we will never forget your cordial way.



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